Here is All Shortcode list we have available

  1. All Event List Style :  [event-list style='list']     View Example
  2. All Event Grid Style :  [event-list column=3]     View Example
  3. All Events With Organizer filter : [event-list org-filter=yes style=grid]   View Example
  4. All Events With Pagination : [event-list style='grid' pagination=yes show=4]   View Example
  5. All Events with category Filter : [event-list cat-filter=yes style=grid]   View Example
  6. Event by Category : [event-list cat=44]    View Example    Here 44 is Category Id, you need to replace as your need
  7. Event by Organizer: [event-list org=49]  View Example Here 49 is organizer ID, you can to replace as your need
  8. Event Expire list: [expire-event-list]       View Example
  9. Show only 10 events:  [event-list show='10']   you can change show=’Any number as your need’
  10. Show events grid with 3 column: [event-list column=3]   Here 3 is number of colunn in grid, you need to replace as need
  11. Show Events by a City: [event-list city='Washington']   Here Washington is city name, you can change as your need
  12. Show only Event Title with Order: [[ event-title show=10 order=’DSEC’ ]]  Only upcoming 10 event will show with Descending order, you can change order to ASC for ascending order
  13. Show list of City name of upcoming Events: [[event-city-meta ]] All Upcoming Events City name will display with this Shortcode