Welcome to Online Documentation of Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation Plugin. You will know everything from below. Lets start:

How to install the plugin:

Please watch the video to know how you can install the plugin.


How to add a New Bus:

After install the plugin you can add a new bus. Please watch the video to know how you can do it:

How to book a bus ticket?

In this video you can know how easy to place a order to book a bus ticket:


Shortcodes included withBus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation:

[wbtm-bus-list cat=''show='']

By default showing all bus, but if you want to show bus list of a particular category you can use this attribute, just put the category id with this. example: [wbtm-bus-list cat='ID']

By default showing 20 bus per page. If you want to change it and set limit input the limit number. example: [wbtm-bus-list show='10']



This shortcode will show the Create Ticket form. A user needs to put their ticket pin into the box and hit the enter button then the ticket will appear. Only login users can view this page.



This shortcode will display the search form like if you want to show a search box into somewhere in the homepage or any page then just put this shortcode there it will print the bus search form.



This shortcode will also print a bus search form but it will also show the search result on the same page, below of the search form.


Still, need any help?

We do the best support for our plugin, we have full confidence that our plugin working very well for any theme. in case you face any problem with our plugin or any customization needed please email us:
our support team will back to you shortly.