WONDER WHY YOU LOST YOUR GLOW….AND HOW TO GET IT BACK! Glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails, a vibrant smile are certainly symbols of health OR some really good genetics. More and more of us are trying to finding ways to not only feel our best but look out best in the most effortless way, in essence….we all want to RADIATE wellness. But what do we need to do to get there? Liver detoxes? Juice cleanses? Infrared sauna? Apple cider vinegar shots? Chlorophyll? Alkaline water? Face peels? Fraxel Lasers? There are so many options out there but the question is how to find the wellness formula that works for YOUR body.  HOW CAN I FIGURE OUT WHAT I NEED TO ACHIEVE GLOWING SKIN? First things first, figure out what is going on….Many things can affect the way you glow such as poor circulation, chronic inflammation, slow metabolism, nutrient deficiencies, and even allergic reactions can affect your skin. It can make the skin look pale, coarse, dull, and lifeless, thus affecting the overall vitality in the skin, and our skin is one of the greatest reflections of our inner environment! By understanding some of the habits that deplete our glow, we can create new habits that allow us to radiate like we’ve never radiated before!  WHAT CAUSES THE QUALITY OF MY SKIN TO CHANGE?When we are young and vital our cell division occurs about every 28 days, but as we age the cells take 30 to even 40 days to regenerate. This decreases the number in production of new cells which create that youthful appearance in the skin. There is a decrease in the assembly and breakdown of the cells, to a point where more cells are broken down then produced, thus decreases the regeneration of the cells. By supporting the body with antioxidants and decreasing damage, the skin can become strong, more elastic, and produce more collagen.

Glowing Skin


The internal body has an effect on the external body. It is important to address any inflammation or conditions within the body such as digestive health, autoimmune conditions, food allergies, and nutrient deficiencies.  If you address these and support the internal environment of the body you will not only look more alive but will feel more alive. Here at LIVV, we suggest the combination of IV therapy and Platlet Rich Plasma therapy to achieve the glow you are looking for. The IV therapy is beneficial in supplying the necessary nutrients and antioxidants for the body to heal and while PRP facials increase collagen and elasticity to the skin thus creating a more taught luminous surface. Lifestyle also affects the way your skin illuminates. Making sure you drink water, get a good nights rest, and feed the body noninflammatory foods allows the body to have the necessary basics to achieve that glow. This allows you to work on both your inner and outer self…..healthy and radiate inside out and outside in.



Supporting the body with necessary nutrients, vitamin c for antioxidant health, selenium for detox, b vitamins to feed the enzymatic pathways, amino acids on many different levels.


Vitamin C – strengthens blood vessels, skin elasticity, antioxidant function

Glutathione – Glutathione aids in detoxification and detoxifies heavy metals. Heavy metals like to deposit into hair follicles

Amino Acids -Amino acids supply nutrients to nourish the skin, hair, and nails within the body. They strengthen connective tissue and hydrate the skin making it smooth and elastic while firming the nails and cuticles of the hair.

B-vitamins -Supports healthy epidermis and retaining moisture in the skin. Counteracts damage caused by free radicals. Minimizes acnes, supports hormones, promotes faster wound healing.

Zinc – Zinc helps fight skin problems because it is anti-inflammatory and regulates the production of sebum which can reduce formation of pimples.

Selenium – Selenium supports detoxification of heavy metals which can deposit in the skin and hair. It also supports the immune system and neutralizes free radicals that cause wrinkles.



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